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Disc 1.
01Out In The StreetMono Version2:31
02I Don't MindMono Version2:36
03The Good's GoneMono Version4:02
04La-La-La-LiesMono Version2:17
05Much Too MuchMono Version2:47
06My GenerationOriginal Mono Version3:17
01The Kids Are AlrightOriginal Full Mono Version3:04
02Please Please PleaseMono Version2:45
03It's Not TrueMono Version2:31
04I'm A Man3:11
05A Legal MatterMono Version2:47
06The OxMono Version3:49
Disc 2.
01Run Run Run2:31
02Boris The SpiderMono Version2:28
03I Need You2:24
04Whiskey Man2:56
05Heat Wave1:55
06Cobwebs And Strange2:30
01Don't Look Away2:51
02See My Way1:52
03So Sad About UsMono Version3:02
04A Quick One, While He's AwayMono Album Version9:09
Disc 3.
01Armenia City In The SkyIncl. Two "Radio London" Jingles3:48
02Heinz Baked BeansIncl. "More Music" Jingle1:00
03Mary Anne With The Shaky HandAcoustic/Incl. Premier Drums Commercial/Radio London Jingle2:28
04OdoronoOriginal Version2:16
05TattooIncl. Church Of Your Choice Jingle2:51
06Our Love WasIncl. Pussycat/Speakeasy/Rotosound Jingles,Commercials3:23
07I Can See For MilesIncl. Charles Atlas Commercial4:44
01I Can't Reach You3:03
03RelaxIncl. Rotosound Strings (Demo) Commercial2:41
04Silas Stingy3:04
06Rael 15:44
Disc 4.
01OvertureOriginal Album Version3:50
02It's A BoyOriginal Album Version2:07
031921Original Album Version2:49
04Amazing JourneyOriginal Album Version4:25
05SparksOriginal Album Version2:43
06Eyesight To The Blind (The Hawker)Original Album Version2:15
01ChristmasOriginal Album Version4:35
02Cousin KevinOriginal Album Version4:03
03The Acid QueenOriginal Album Version3:31
04UndertureOriginal Album Version9:55
Disc 5.
01Do You Think It's AlrightUpdateOriginal Album Version0:24
02Fiddle AboutOriginal Album Version1:26
03Pinball WizardOriginal Album Version3:05
04There's A DoctorOriginal Album Vertsion0:25
05Go To The Mirror!Original Album Version3:50
06Tommy Can You Hear MeUpdateOriginal Album Version1:35
07Smash The MirrorOriginal Album Version1:34
08SensationOriginal Album Version2:26
01Miracle CureOriginal Album Version0:10
02Sally SimpsonOriginal Album Version4:10
03I'm FreeOriginal Studio Version2:39
04WelcomeOriginal Album Version4:30
05Tommy's Holiday CampOriginal Album Version0:57
06We're Not Gonna Take ItOriginal Album Version7:02
Disc 6.
01Baba O'RileyOriginal Version4:57
02BargainOriginal Album Version5:33
03Love Ain't For KeepingOriginal Album Version2:11
04My WifeOriginal Album Version3:35
05The Song Is OverOriginal Album Version6:16
01Getting In TuneOriginal Album Version4:49
02Going MobileOriginal Album Version3:40
03Behind Blue EyesOriginal Album Version3:40
04Won't Get Fooled AgainOriginal Album Version8:32
Disc 7.
01I Am The Sea2:08
02The Real Me3:20
04Cut My Hair3:46
05The Punk And The Godfather5:10
01I'm One2:37
02The Dirty Jobs4:30
03Helpless Dancer2:33
04Is It In My HeadUpdate3:46
05I've Had Enough6:14
Disc 8.
02Sea And Sand5:01
04Bell Boy1996 Remastered Version4:54
01Doctor Jimmy8:36
02The Rock6:37
03Love Reign O'er Me1996 Remastered Version5:48
Disc 9.
01Slip Kid4:31
02However Much I Booze5:02
03Squeeze Box2:42
04Dreaming From The Waist4:07
05Imagine A Man4:04
01Success Story3:22
02They Are All In Love3:02
03Blue Red And Grey2:49
04How Many Friends4:06
05In A Hand Or A Face3:25
Disc 10.
01New Song4:15
02Had Enough4:30
04Sister Disco4:22
05Music Must Change4:37
01Trick Of The Light4:47
02Guitar And Pen5:48
03Love Is Coming Down4:00
04Who Are YouAlbum Version6:24
Disc 11.
01You Better You BetAlbum Version5:36
02Don't Let Go The Coat3:48
03Cache Cache3:56
04The Quiet One3:09
05Did You Steal My Money4:15
01How Can You Do It Alone5:26
02Daily Records3:25
04Another Tricky Day4:56
Disc 12.
02It's Your Turn3:38
03Cooks County3:46
04It's Hard3:44
06Eminence Front5:38
01I've Known No War5:53
02One Life's Enough2:18
03One At A Time3:18
04Why Did I Fall For That3:56
05A Man Is A Man3:52
06Cry If You Want5:23
Disc 13.
02A Man In A Purple Dress4:14
03Mike Post Theme4:28
04In The Ether3:35
01Black Widow's Eyes3:07
02Two Thousand Years2:50
03God Speaks, of Marty Robbins3:26
04It's Not Enough4:02
05You Stand By Me1:36
Disc 14.
01Sound Round1:21
02Pick Up the Peace1:28
03Unholy Trinity2:07
04Trilby's Piano2:04
05Endless Wire1:51
06Fragments Of Fragments2:23
07We Got A Hit1:18
08They Make My Dream Come True1:13
01Mirror Door4:14
02Tea & Theatre3:24
03We Got A HitExtended Version3:03
04Endless WireExtended Version3:03