On the Decks

Lenco Turntables

Since 1960, Lenco have pioneered turntables. Their current range fuses technology with design heritage and solid build quality.

As a home built company, Lenco pride themselves on fusing functionality with beauty and always aim to be at the forefront of technological development.

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Anthrax Coloured Vinyl

As part of this year’s Thrashback campaign, which is celebrating 30 years of Thrash music by the bands that helped shape the world of heavy music; Anthrax are releasing a limited edition, coloured vinyl run of x4 of their classic albums.

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Back To Black Vinyl

Back To Black Vinyl celebrates the years long-playing vinyl. We are delighted to offer the re-release of classic albums on much-loved vinyl.

All vinyl albums in the Back To Black range include a free MP3 version of the album. All you have to do is enter the unique code which is included in the package.

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Kiss Collection

This year marks the 40th Anniversary of rock and roll giants KISS and in true KISS fashion, the band plan to make 2014 the biggest and loudest, non-stop rock and roll party of the century.

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